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We can supply all kinds of equipment for production of Lead Acid Batteries for Automotive Industrial and others uses.

We will assist you to find the machine or equipment that best suits your production needs and ensures high productivity.

Below an overview of the equipment we provide:

Oxide Production



■Grid & Plate Making

■Pasting Machines


■Automotive C.O.S.

■Plate Handling Equipment

■Acid Fillers

■Plate Curing and Finishing Equipment

■Assembly Equipment


■ Industrial Stacker

■ Industrial Pasters
■ Industrial Feeders
■ Industrial Acid Fillers

■ Industrial Ovens


■ Industrial C.O.S.

You can see a selection of machinery and equipment on the left menu.



We also provide reconditioned equipment such as:

■Automotive Pasting Machines

■Automotive Ovens

■Second-hand Equipment

Please contact us for further information on reconditioned equipment available.


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